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Career in Web Development

Who is a Web Developer?

Web Developers are responsible for building a website, designing it, and its layout. A web developer uses knowledge of coding to build a website. A minimum degree of graphic designing skill is required to become a web developer.

They generally work for a client or under a specific company. Some of them also work as a freelancer.

Job Description

  • Writing codes

  • Designing a website using HTML or CSS

  • Consult with other web designers and programmers

  • Produce or edit a webpage content

  • Use programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, etc.

  • Use different designing tools to make the website more attractive

  • Implement contingency plan in case of website failure

Work Environment

Web developers work in an office setting in front of computers and other systems. They may work from home as a freelancer.

Web developers may work individually or in a group.

Types of Web Developers

  • Front-End developer: The work includes writing codes for a client’s websites. In other words, creating and designing the content of the website. The programming languages used Java, HTML, CSS, etc.

  • Back-end developer: The work includes writing codes for the website’s server, databases, and other applications. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major consideration. The main programming languages used are Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.

  • Full-Stack developer: It is a combination of front-end andback-end web developers. They handle the entire functioning of the website.

Knowledge Required

Computer: Knowledge of computer hardware, programming, and applications

Electronics: Knowledge of electronic and circuit boards, chips, etc.

Mathematics: Knowledge of statistics, geometry, calculus, probability, etc.

English language: Basic structure of English language and grammar.


  • Analytical Problem Solving Skills: Analyzing the data to look for the factors responsible for unfavorable outcomes and minimizing the risks.

  • Decision-making skills: Knowing about the cost and benefits of each measure and choosing the best one out of many alternatives.

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills: Communicating and sharing reports with colleagues, technical experts, government officials to discuss future outcomes.

Technological Skills

  • Database management software like MongoDB, NoSQL, etc.

  • Development environment software like Microsoft Visual Basic

  • C++, Pyrthon, JavaScript, etc.

  • OS software like Linux, Unix, etc.


  • Mathematical Reasoning: Ability to solve mathematical problems in a short period.

  • Inductive Reasoning: Ability to use pieces of information to form the technical report.

  • Near Vision: Ability to identify the minute details and come up with a solution.


  • Investigative: Web Developers are curious and inquisitive people

  • Conventional: Calm headed and pay attention to the details

  • Hard-working

  • Have a high concentration ability

  • Ability to sort multiple priorities

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any other related field.

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, javaScript, etc.

  • Knowledge of database systems such as SQL, Oracle, etc.

Job Outlook

New job opportunities are wide open in the field of Web Development. The average salary of web developers in India is INR 307,183 per annum. The income of freelancers depends on the amount of work they take.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to complete a website?

The average time limits 4-6weeks but it may vary depending on the complexity of the website's content and other technical issues.

2. Do I have the ownership of the website after building it?

A web developer has full ownership of the website that he/she builds. However, the web developer may transfer the ownership to a third-party company or any web host.

3. What are the top institutes in India that teach Web development?

  • Arena Animation located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida and Bangalore

  • Frameboxx Animation located in Mumbai

  • MAAC located in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, and Nagpur

  • Internet Academy, Bangalore

  • Picasso Animation college

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