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Career in Magnetic Therapy

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


Magnetic therapists are people who work in a field which is generally called pseudoscientific Medicine and involves giving therapies through magnetic radiations. Magnetic therapy is akind of therapy that involves low or minimal physical pain and is done using a permanent magnet.

This type of therapy is quite useful as it has no side effects and there is no pain also. This therapy can also be used for reducing pain or stress in one’s life.


Magnetic therapists provide magnetic therapy to clients in stress or in pain without causing any physical pain. They heal the patient’s illness through magnetic principles.

The metal magnets are attached to the body of the patient and various techniques are used for inflating the illness or disease through the magnetic field of the magnets.


The therapists are intended to deal with the clients. They have to follow the strict rules and regulations and the desired principles of therapy.


· customer service

· administrative services

· English language

· medicine and dentistry

· therapy and counseling

· physics, biology


A magnetic therapists should have knowledge about the proper use of a magnetometer, which determines the poles of a magnet and must be familiar with equipments such as magnetic blankets, bracelets, slumber pads etc that are used in magnetic therapy treatment. They should be well aware of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body and its vital organs. Magnetic therapy Practitioners should have empathy and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.


· listen and understand others point and views

· spoken communication

· observe when problems happen

· order or arrange things

· stiff and steady

· flexible with hands

· concentration (pay attention to something without being distracted)


· Ready to help and listen

· extrovert

· Attention to Detail

· Concern for Others

· Dependability

· Cooperation

· Regulating emotion

· Integrity

· Self Control


The minimum qualification for getting admission to certificate, degree and diploma courses in Magnet therapy is 10+2 and graduation for PG courses.


This is a good quite emerging job. It is accepted and reputed and one would prefer to indulge in.


1. What are some of the colleges that provide this course?

Institute of Alternative Medicines- Kolkata

Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute- Jodhpur

All India Para Medical Technology & Alternative Medicine Council- Ludhiana

National Institute of Naturopathy- Pune; College of Clinical Magnetology and Prana

Healing College- Thrissur

Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research- Kolkata

International Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research- Bangalore

The Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine- Jaipur

2. What is the salary prospectus in this field?

Salary of magnetic therapists vary greatly depending on the organization, location, experience and the number of patients they treatin a day. Income potential is unlimited and depends on the skill of the therapists. Self-employed magnetic therapists work on hourly rate and charge fee for each session, which lasts for 20-30 minutes. Magnet therapy is an additional source of income for physiotherapists and paramedical doctors.

the average salary of acupressure therapist is estimated around Rs.1, 75,000 – Rs. 2, 25,000 Per annum whereas an experienced professional can earn around Rs. 3,50,000 - 5,00,000 per annum.


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