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Career in Ethical Hacking

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker is a security professional who breaks into a computer system legally. In other words, an ethical hacker is someone who hacks other computers and technological devices maintaining the guidelines of the government.

An ethical hacker protects the computer from suspicious or malicious vulnerabilities and also from illegal hackers.

What do Ethical hackers do?

  • Finds and exploit vulnerabilities in any computer system

  • Uses the skills of hacking in a lawful manner

  • Uses port scanning tools to scan a computer system

  • Examine patch installations and their security

  • May employ social engineering techniques to gain crucial information

Work Environment

  • Business organizations appointment them to prevent data theft and fraud

  • They work in cybersecurity cell of the government and the military

  • They also work in IT sectors and other industries

Knowledge Required

  • Knowledge of computer science and social engineering

  • Knowledge of cyber laws and security

  • Knowledge of databases and web applications

  • Knowledge of English language

  • Knowledge of computer languages like Python

  • Knowledge of mathematics and statistics

  • Knowledge of computer programming and networking

Skills Required

  • Get into a programmer’s role and gain knowledge about programming and computer networking skills

  • Gain work experience as a System Administrator or Network Engineer

  • Reading books about viruses, malware detection, SQL injection, etc

  • Hijacking and DNS spoofing

  • Exploiting vulnerabilities

Technological Skills

  • Knowledge of code generators and compilers

  • Invade Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Hijacking web servers and web applications

  • Using tools like NMAP and Nessus

  • Knowledge of wireless encryption


  • Oral Comprehension: Ability to listen and understand verbal information

  • Written Comprehension: Ability to understand written information materials

  • Near vision: Ability to identify details in the information

  • Processing information: Obtaining, compiling and categorizing information and apply the same


  • Patience and Persistence: Working for long hours to break into any system

  • Thinking differently: They think out-of-the-box and experiment tirelessly

  • Trustworthy: They handle confidential data and for that, they must be completely trustworthy

Educational Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Ethical Hacking or Computer Science

  • Certifications like Network+ or CCNA

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CAH) certification

Job Outlook

New job opportunities are available in the field of ethical hacking. The average salary of an ethical hacker in India is Rs. 3.5 lakhs per annum.

The salary of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) ranges from Rs 10 lakh a year to Rs 20 lakhs. The average salary is 23.7 lakhs per annum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the entire process of becoming an ethical hacker?

  • Learn the basics of Python programming, PowerShell scripting

  • Obtain a degree in Ethical Hacking or Computer Science

  • Obtain a course of Security+ from EC council

  • Work as a computer programmer

  • Obtain CEH certification

2. How do I get hired by the government?

The government hires ethical hackers as cybersecurity officers, police, etc. To get hired by the government, the following certifications like CEH, CISSP, compTIA+ security, etc. are needed.

3. What are the top colleges to study ethical hacking?

  • DOEACC in Calicut

  • The University of Madras in Pune

  • SRM University

  • Kalasalingam University

  • Indian School of Ethical Hacking in Kolkata

  • AEM Kolkata

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