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Career in Data Entry

Whois a data entry person/clerk?

A data entry clerk is an administrative professional who handles routine clerical tasks relating to entering or updating data in a computer system. A data entry clerk’s main responsibility is to ensure that the organization’s database is accurate and up-to-date. Data entry clerks may also assist accounts receivable with duties like processing invoices for pay out and reviewing and processing order returns.

What does a data entry person/clerk do?

The basic description of a data entry clerk is a position that involved entering and updating information within a company database. That may mean making editing changes to the company handbook, scanning in documents to be kept on file, or updating customer accounts. But for many workplaces, data entry is only one part of the clerk's job.

Types of Data Entry jobs in India

Data Entry: In general, the data entry work includes all kind of data to be entered in the digital format from the source file which can be either in paper form or any other medium

Product Data Entry: Some companies need to keep a record of the details of their products. For this the product data entry work is outsourced. The list of products along with their specifications is listed in an appropriate format for its easy access.

Accounting Data Entry: Many times, the accounting work of some offices needs to be rechecked and recorded in a systematic manner. The accounting data entry services help you to get all your accounts cleared and ordered in any desired format like the spreadsheet.

Manual Data Entry: When you want to convert the manually created documents into the digital form, the manual data entry can prove to be useful. With the use technological aids, there are many easy ways available of doing this work accurately. Some manually created documents are very important and sensitive. So, their data entry needs to be done very carefully keeping in mind the punctuation's and grammar.

Handwritten Data Entry: Data entry of handwritten papers into the desired digital format can help you to manage your documents effortlessly. This data entry service includes entering of data which is written on paper and its contents need to be converted in the digital format.

Advanced technology: The experts and professionals at the outsourcing companies have immense knowledge about the latest technology and modern methods and thus, they can provide you with reliable results with the help of the advancement in technical world.

Data Capturing and Entering: The data converted from the hard copies to soft copies or entering data into the online systems are collected to form an enhanced database. This data collection work is included in the data capturing services.

Online Data Entry: Data entry work which is to be done online through portals or websites is included in the online data entry services. If the resource file is in soft copy format or on any web portal the data entry work of that is included in online data entry.

Offline Data Entry: Data entry work of conversion of hard copies of data into digital format is done under the offline data entry services. Data entered offline into computer software for the easy access of data with high accuracy help you to get your required data on time without much effort.

Data Mining and Data Entry: To extract the hidden information from the various websites for analysis process is called data mining. It helps in taking better decisions for the future business plans. The data extracted is then recorded in desired formats for its easy access.

Insurance Claims Data Entry: Documents of the insurance claims are very important. Information regarding the insurance claims needs to be listed so that the information can be access easily. This complicated work of data entry of insurance claims is included in the insurance claims data entry services.

Remote Data Entry: If the data entry work is to be done from a remote area the remote data entry work helps you to perform it easily. It includes the use of technology for doing the data entry work without changing the location of work.

Numeric and Text Data Entry: The numbering of documents of any business is important for the clear understanding of their sequence. Also, adding of numbers wherever necessary is also included in the numeric data entry services. Proper sequencing can give your database a professional look and help in your business.

Mailing List Compilation: In any organization there is always need of mailing your upcoming projects to your clients. For this you need to have a database of the information of your clients’ email id and other information that does not have duplicate records. The mailing list compilation services prove to be the best solution for this purpose.

Database Data Entry: Having more than one database of any information can create confusion in its access. Thus, you need to merge them and create a master database. The merge purge data entry services help you with the merging of databases and enhance it by eliminating the duplicate entries.

Logistics Data Entry: With the increase in the logistics industries, you might need to keep the details systematically of your customers of your logistics providing company. Creating a database of the information like the logistic vehicle, distance travelled location, etc. can be easily done with the logistics data entry services.

Apart from these services, there is many more data entry services provided in this industry. Outsourcing these services can provide you the best quality services with the professional touch. You can get access of the expert data entry operators for your noncore data entry work. So, get your outsourcing partner today and use this service to take your business to the next level.

Responsibilities and duties of a data entry person/ clerk

  • inserting information about the customers and accounts data from the source to the spreadsheets or a computerized database. Whatever task which a data entry performs has to be within a time limit.

  • Compiling and verifying the information for its accuracy to prepare the data before entering it into the computer.

  • Review the data before they input it for any errors or if any, is present then he or she should correct any irrelevancy and check the output.

  • Research should be done by them to acquire more information in case of any incomplete document.

  • Should be able to prepare and maintain all the reports and provide them whenever necessary and at the same time perform backup operations.

  • Must always comply with data integrity and the security policies of the company which you are working for.

  • Must maintain records or log books of whatever task which is performed.

  • They must respond if a request is made to access relevant information or files.

What is a workplace of a data entry person/clerk like?

Data entry clerks can work in many different industries, including but not limited to:

  • Administrative and support services

  • Hospitality

  • Local and federal government

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation and warehousing

Most data entry clerks work full-time in an office environment and may have opportunities for overtime. Part-time work is available, particularly for clerks working in the hospitality industry. While standard shifts for data entry clerks take place during normal business hours, clerks that work for transportation or hospitality organizations that are open around the clock may have to work on evenings, weekends and holidays.

In their office environment, these professionals typically spend the majority of their shift sitting at a desk, working on a computer and using necessary office equipment, such as printers and fax machines to complete data collection and organization tasks.

How to become data entry person/clerk?

Many data clerks complete the following steps to pursue this career path:

  1. Obtain a high school diploma. Earn a high school diploma or the equivalent, focusing on elective courses in computers, business, finance or accounting. While earning the diploma, work on improving relevant skills, like typing speed and accuracy, through practice or games that exercise the skill.

  2. Pursue a data entry clerk certificate program. To learn the basics of data entry and improve your chances of getting a job, you may want to complete a data entry clerk certificate program at a technical school or community college. These programs can provide the knowledge needed to start working in the field and can also serve as an efficient alternative to completing a degree program. Course offerings include word processing, business communication, clerical organization and bookkeeping.

  3. Further computer literacy education. Taking additional computer courses can improve your chances of getting hired. Look for courses that focus on word processing and database management. If a potential employer requires knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting, enrol in courses in those areas as well.

  4. Get on-the-job training. While taking courses to learn the skills necessary to become a data entry clerk, look for opportunities to get on-the-job training through an entry-level position or by job shadowing. On-the-job training typically lasts up to one month and will give you the basic understanding you need to get started in this career.

  5. Structure your resume and apply for positions. Whether you have decided to pursue a career as a data entry clerk right after high school graduation or you have taken some additional courses to improve your skill set, you will need to develop a clear and comprehensive resume before applying for positions. Your resume should describe your education, training, experience and skills in clear, concise language that aligns your qualifications with the job expectations.

Skills essential for the job

  • Should be very good with MS Office tools and data programs.

  • Should be well versed with the administrative duties.

  • Some experience with the use of basic office equipment like scanner and fax machine.

  • Should have a good typing speed at the same time maintaining accuracy.

  • Should be excellent with spellings and grammar and also be able to pay attention to every detail.

  • Should be able to maintain the confidentiality of every information.

  • Must also have good organizational skills in order to have the required focus on the task assigned.

Traits best suited for the job

  • Attention to detail: Entering large amounts of data into spreadsheets or online databases and reviewing data for accuracy requires precision. For this reason, successful data entry clerks will need to be detail-oriented in order to ensure accuracy and minimize time spent checking data against source documents.

  • Flexibility: Many data entry clerks work in fast-paced environments that require them to be flexible and efficient while maintaining accuracy. Duties may require the professional to pause work on data entry in order to retrieve a file or report.

  • Computer literacy: Data entry is a core task for these clerks, so they must quickly and accurately type to maintain efficiency. Additionally, data entry clerks work with various computer systems and online databases, requiring a basic knowledge of computers and the ability to quickly learn new systems.

  • Organization: Data entry clerks must retrieve and update database files and other digital documents quickly and efficiently. Their duties may also require them to sort and organize physical documents they are digitizing or entering into the online system. The ability to create and maintain easy-to-use filing and organization systems enable these professionals to succeed in the workplace.

  • Communication: These clerks often have to communicate with individuals within the organization, such as management or operations personnel. If the clerk is client-facing, they may have to communicate with customers in order to gather and update database information. These tasks may require the professional to adapt their communication style to obtain the information they need.


The average salary for a Data Entry Operator is Rs 123,118 per year. A skill in Microsoft Excel is would help to get high pay for this job. (Source: PayScale)

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