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Career in Crime Investigation Department

CID officer

CID Stands for Crime Investigation Department. It Is A Crime Detecting Agency Which Comes Under the Government of India. It Is Amongst the Most Important Units of The Police Organization. Those Officers Who Work in This Department are Known as Detectives or As CID Officers. It Was Established on The 1st Of April 1906.

They Investigate Cases Like Murder Case, Serious Assault Case, Robberies, Fraud and Any Sexual Crime Etc. They Perform Investigative Duties Such as Gathering Facts and Collecting Evidence for Criminal Cases and Fraud. Their Job as Police Detectives Is to Catch the Criminals, Collect Evidence and Lastly Present It in The Court.

It Has Some Other Divisions, Like Fingerprints /Footprints Bureau, Anti- Human Trafficking and Missing Persons Bureau, Human Rights Department, Bank Frauds, Dog Squad, Crime Inspection and Scientific Research Center Etc. There Are Various Post Available in The CID Department and the Eligibility Criteria’s Vary from Post to Post.

Types of Job Roles Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

To be in this profession, one can match his/her particular interests up with different federal law enforcement agencies. For CID officers there are a variety of job profiles that one can target on the basis of their interest areas. Some of the job profiles that can be opted are listed below:

Fraud Investigator: He/she investigates fraud by obtaining statements of fact, depositions or confessions from complainants, employers and witnesses. A fraud investigator also researches records and obtain, analyze, and appraise evidentiary data and oversee the development and implementation of fraud prevention, detection and resolution strategies.

Police Officer: Police officers respond to incidents and complaints, document interactions, and collection evidence. They arrest offenders and suspects, collect evidence, and testify about cases and deter criminal activity as well as monitor any threat to public safety.

Investigative Officer: The job of investigative officers is to conduct inquiries to discover who committed crimes and to gather evidence to prosecute and convict suspects. They write reports based on the findings and are often called upon to appear in court to explain the results of their investigations.

Criminologists: They conduct research, develop theories, investigate crime scenes, and compose reports. They use their analytical backgrounds to assist law enforcement in identifying and understanding criminal behavior.

Paralegal: Paralegal investigates facts and laws of cases to determine causes of action and to prepare cases. Most of the time, paralegals work for law offices, corporations’ legal departments or courts. They also assist lawyers in filing materials such as motions, memoranda and pleadings.

Narcotics Officer: A narcotics officer specializes in preventing illegal drug use and distribution. Narcotics officers also might write reports and analyze evidence for cases. They also disseminate information concerning drug prevention within the community.


There are many posts available for candidates in the CID. Their level of entry is determined by their qualification. The minimum qualification required for a candidate to join as an Assistant sub Inspector in the CID is a pass in class 12. If one aspires to join as a Sub Inspector, he/she should have cleared graduation. Graduation is the requirement for officer level post as well. Course in criminology is an added advantage to the post. There are many universities in India that offers courses in criminology. The basic qualification for this course is a pass in class 10+2 with arts or science. For those candidates who have a background in law, special courses in criminology are available.

The role requires a sharp eye for detail, excellent memory, a good judgment of character as well as experience of working alone and as part of a team of other officers

Employment Opportunities for Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

CID officers identify, collect and process physical evidence at crime scenes. They are primarily employed in the government sector; however, they can also be employed by law enforcement agencies. The employment opportunities are also present in several other agencies such as local, state, and federal government agencies, drug enforcement agency (DEA) or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Minimum Qualification required for CID officer?

->You should have completed graduation degree course in any specialization from recognized College/University.

->Your Age must be within 20 to 27 years(relaxation of 5 years for ST/SC & 3 years for OBC).

->You should be an Indian citizen.

Required Height for the position of CID Officer?

Minimum Height for CID officer-> 165 cm

Minimum chest -> 76 cms.

-If you want to become an CID officer then you have to appear in Indian Civil Service Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) held once in a Year.

- If you qualify the civil service exam then you called for Personal Interview.

-To become CID, you must have excellent Communication skill & leadership qualities.

Pattern of Exam:

Paper 1st

General test( duration 2 hr.) -

General intelligence and reasoning-50 marks

and general awareness-75 and numerical ability-75

Paper 2nd

English language (duration 2 hr.)-

language comprehension, communication/writing= 200 marks

and Ability test.

>>Openings detail visit CID official website:

Ranks for CID’s:

Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)

Inspector General of Police (IGP)

Deputy Inspector General (DIG)

Superintendent of Police (SP)

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)



Sub Inspector

Sub Inspector


Pay Scale: Pay Scale Varies with Ranks. However, One Can Get Pay Range Between Rs.8000-24500. In Addition to The Salary, Civil Servants Receive Various Allowances (Money Paid to A Person to Meet Needs or Expenses) Such as Grade Pay, Dearness Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Medical and Housing Etc.

Recruitment in CID

There are two ways to enter the Criminal Investigation Department. One is direct from the state police through the promotion. For this first time after graduation, join the police department, you will be placed / transferred or promoted to the ward of CID according to their background or seniority according to the preferences of the elders.

To become an IDC agent would require at least two years as a uniformed officer. Then you can request the transfer to the CID office station, you will be trained. During your training, you will be referred to as an apprentice. The training will be 2 years, after training, will become a full-fledged gendarme.

Another option is to draft the review of Indian public services carried out by the Civil Service Commission of the Union. The notification for the review is posted on the official UPSC website that candidates must read for any information.

The exam includes written examination, interview and physical examination. It is necessary to have a detailed knowledge of the current events in the society in order to be successful in the interview.

Key skills required

1. A CID officer needs to keep an eye on current happening in the society.

2. The professional should good at verbal and written, both types of communications.

3. The manner of A CID cop should be so pleasing.

4. He\she should aware with the latest technology trends as it will help to solve the cases.

5. An officer should have a vast knowledge of police act and Indian law.

6. An investigator must be able to play with the emotions or he\she has to control the emotions on duty.

7. Research is a main part of the duty, so CID officers need to good in this skill as well.

Books & Study Material to Become Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

Depending on your qualification and by giving entrance exams such as UPSC civil services, you can opt for CID officer post. Hence, there are no specific books or study material that can prepare you for a career as a CID officer. You should be attuned to the current happenings in the society to get a real-world experience. Also, candidates who aspire to join the CID must have certain basic skills, such as communication skills and critical-thinking skills.

Pros of becoming a Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

· Being a CID officer offers one good benefits and promotion opportunity.

· Working as a CID officer is as professionally rewarding as other criminal justice jobs. One does his/her part to keep the public safe from criminals.

· A role of a CID officer can help one become a better-rounded officer and help develop supervisory skills.

Cons of becoming a Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

· The job of a CID officer can be stressful and very dangerous. The chances of on-the-job injury and illness are extremely prevalent.

· One has to be always be prepared for different life-threatening situations that can occur.

· One has to deal with criminals who may be violent and abusive.

· The job can be very tiring as there are often very long hours involved.

Work activities

CID- Criminal Investigation Department.

CID is a crime detection agency under the Government of India. It is a special wing the investigation and intelligence wing of the police force in many Indian states. CID investigates specified class of cases and cases entrusted by the Government and Director General of Police.

CID which investigates criminal cases spanning across multiple districts or even states, has specialist sections or cells such as Fingerprints /footprints cell, Anti- human trafficking and Missing persons cell, Human rights cell, Bank frauds, Homicide cell, Dog Squad, Crime analysis and Scientific research center etc.

Frequently asked questions

How can I be a CID officer?

There are two ways to enter into Criminal Investigation Department. One is direct from the state police force through promotion. For this first after graduation join police service then you will be posted/transferred or promoted to CID wing as per your track record or by seniority whichever is preferred by the seniors. To become a CID officer, one should require to have at least two years as a uniformed officer. After that you can apply for the transfer to CID office post, there you will be trained. While training they will refer you as Trainee Constable. The training will be of 2 years, after training you will become a fully-fledged Constable. Other option is to write Indian Civil Services examination that is held by the Union Public Service Commission. The notification for the examination is published on the official website of UPSC which the candidates should read for any information. Examination comprises of written test, interview and physical test. One must have detailed knowledge on current happenings in the society in order to succeed in interview.

What Technical and Professional Skills Do You Need to Become A CID Officer

The main duty of a CID officer is to investigate various kind of criminal cases with the help of a number of skills and a vast knowledge of the law. An officer should have excellent communication and interview skills. The professional should know how to control emotions as well.

A CID officer should be a critical thinker & great researcher because sometimes you need to think out of the box and need to do lots of research. CID team investigator needs to be familiar with the latest security technologies which can be helpful in a possible manner.

Are females eligible

This may be the question in the mind of many people they are thinking that females may not be allowed to fill the form of CID but this thing is not true. Females, as well as males both, are eligible to sit in the entrance exam. There is no discrimination on the basis of gender.

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