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Career in Civil Engineering

Who is civil engineer?

Civil engineering is the field of engineering which involves construction, building, supervision and designing. They are into projects of both public and private sector. They take projects like roads, dams, bridges, pipelines, sewages etc,

What does civil engineer do?

Civil engineers perform the following tasks-

  • Supervise the activities done on the site

  • Handle site preparation activities

  • Design, construct or operate various projects

  • Infrastructure and design

  • Management of the public and private infrastructure

  • Designing and planning of transportation system

  • Prepare the costs involved in project and how to work with minimal cost

Types of civil engineers

Construction engineers- These engineers are involved in the construction sites and work on the field and not in offices. They are also involved in the management of resources.

Geotechnical Engineers- These engineers work on the foundations, check whether the project involves correct usage of substances. The items are original or not and the thing mace has a strong foundation or not.

Structural Engineers- These engineers focus on the structure of the project, how the things must be designed and constructed. They ensure the strength and durability of a particular thing.

Transportation Engineers- Their role is to transport, and ship different items required for construction. They think how can one transport different materials easily and which transport is better and cheap.

What is the workplace of Civil Engineers?

The workplace of civil engineers differs from place to place. They work in variety of paces and conditions. Some of the engineers generally work in offices while some may also work on site.


Decision Making- Civil engineers must be able to make good decisions based on best practices, their own technical knowledge, and experience.

Leadership skills- The engineers should have a quality to take ultimate responsibility for their work. They should have a lead planner or planning.

Mathematical skills- Engineers need to design and construct to designs to be constructed and the design should be accurate and symmetrical which involves a good knowledge of mathematics.

Problem solving- Engineers should have an ability to take quick decisions and able to solve various problems presented on the site or during the project.

Communication Skills- Since the project is done by a group of people and no individual can perform it all alone therefore good communication skills is must. Miscommunications can lead to wrong or inappropriate construction of the project they are involved in.

Organizational Skills Engineers have to organize and design various projects. They need to make sure that the design being created is strong enough and symmetrical, for this they need to be organized and should have the required skill.


  • Ability to interpret data

  • Ability to understand numerical ability

  • Analytical ability

  • Decision making ability

  • Communication ability/skills

  • IT abilities


  • Knowledge of physics, chemistry, geology

  • Knowledge of mechanical and structural engineering

  • Proficiency with computerssoftware’s


  • Achievement

  • Hardworking

  • Attention to detail

  • Integrity

  • Initiative

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Dependability

  • Cooperative

  • Resistance to stress

Education Required

Civil engineers are the people with a degree of engineering (bachelor’s in technology or bachelor’s in engineering). The engineers should have a specialized degree in one of the areas of engineering.

Job outlook

This is a field which is emerging and growing day by day with 50,000 new job opportunities every year. A person working in this field earns quite well and make some of the posts just need intellectual ability.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the expected salary?

On an average civil engineer earn Rs. 310960

2. Does a civil engineer need to know make special IT courses?

Yes, since the construction of designs and structures involves some kind of complex ideas that may involve computer software’s. So, engineers need to be proficient in computer softwares.


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