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Career in Chromo Therapy

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is an alternate medicine method of pseudoscience. It is also called color therapy as it uses lights and colors to maintain the body’s homeostasis.

In case of any diseases where medicines are incapable of curing it, chromotherapy works excellently to restore the body’s energy and correct the imbalances.

What does a Chromotherapist do?

· Maintain homeostasis of the body

· Cure imbalance in internal organs of the body

· Use color and light on different parts of the body as a therapeutic device

· Treat disorders like insomnia, schizophrenia, etc.

· Helps to stimulate white blood cells in the body and remove toxins

Types of Chromotherapists:

Currently, there are two types of Chromo therapists

· Luminous Chromo therapist: They use light color rays and pass it through a white filter medium so that the patient can perceive the colors distinctly. A luminous chromo therapist helps to cure mental disorders and improve the patient’s memory, attention, and reduce anxiety and depression.

· Molecular Chromo therapist: They use ointments containing trace metals to cure any disease. The ointment containing trace metals are applied to the selective body parts.

Work Environment

Most chromo therapists are self-employed and work in a clinic. Some of them do additional occupations along with chromotherapy.

Knowledge Required

· Knowledge of different colors and their meanings

· Knowledge of light and their intensities

· Knowledge of trace metals

· Knowledge of colored fluids

· Knowledge of crystals and gems


· Interest in medicine and psychology

· Curiosity about colors and their multiple uses

· An empathetic and neutral attitude

· Maintain a calm and cool composure

· Active listener with good communication skills

Technological Skills

· Use of advanced machines (if required) in the field of chromotherapy

· MS Word, MS Excel, electronic mail


· Inductive Reasoning: Ability to use the knowledge about each color in the therapy.

· Near vision: Attention to the details of every color and its effects on the patient.

· Self-tolerance: Ability to maintain a calm composure with adequate stress tolerance.

Educational Qualification

· A Diploma or a Bachelor's in Chromotherapy

· Basic knowledge in biology, chemistry, and physics

Job Outlook

A job of a chromo therapist is rarely known in India. There are very few institutions that teach chromotherapy as a graduate course. The job opportunities are also inadequate in this field.

Most chromo therapists are self-employed and charge on an hourly basis. They also take up additional occupations due to the irregularity of income in the job of a chromo therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the institutions that teach chromotherapy?

In India, only a handful of institutions offer the course of chromotherapy. Some of them are listed below:

· Institute of Alternative Medicines (IAMK) in Kolkata

· Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research (IAMR) in Kolkata

· Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine in Jaipur

· Training and Treatment Institute in Jodhpur

2. Can chromo therapy cure depression?

So far, there is no evidence that chromotherapy is effective to reduce depression. But, it can be surely said that different colors especially blue, violet, orange, and indigo evoke positive emotional responses.

3. Is luminous therapy harmful to the body?

Luminous therapy uses colored light radiations as a treatment method. It is not harmful rather it helps to generate white blood cells in the body and is known to provide relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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