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Career As A Makeup Artist

Who is a Make-up Artist?

Makeup Artists are the artists whose work involves beautifying the face or body of a person, their canvas is a face and their brushes and cosmetics are their tools. They give makeovers, transform the way someone looks, and help them look perfect in their own eyes.

These people have an understanding of each skin type, hair, combinations and situation-based makeup. They usually work in a salon or as personal makeup artists for famous personalities. They work in the line of perfection and transformation.

What does a Makeup Artist do?

Makeup artists are the professionals who work with the use of makeup to enhance the beauty and for transformation depending upon the need of the individual. Some makeup artists work in a salon, spa, hair salon, fashion show production, production studios, etc., they might work alone or be a part of a team under some organization. They work with a client and give them the flawless look they are looking for.

Makeup Artists have an understanding of Special effects, high fashion, air brushing, light blending, high definition, color blending, etc.

Entertainment and Fashion industries employ makeup artists in a large number. They even get to travel around the world for photo shoots.

Different type of makeup artists:

Makeup artists are differentiated based upon their work environment and profile:

  • Special Occasion Makeup Artist: these artists help in giving the glamorous look depending upon the occasion, let that be a party, marriage, corporate event so on.

  • Fashion Makeup Artists: these makeup artists work in with the fashion show productions and work with the models. These artists work in giving them the perfect look based on their attire before and after a photo shoot or before they walk down the ramp.

  • Film or Theatre Makeup Artists: these makeup artists apply makeup for celebrities on sets and apply makeup on the basis of role requirement. They even are supposed to be specialized in different makeup techniques to give different personalities and sci-fi looks.

  • Personal Care Makeup Artists: some makeup artists work under a single individual as their personal makeup artists and work help them look according to their wish, they even guide them about the proper care for good skin.

  • Clinical Makeup Artists: These makeup artists work in hospitals under the plastic surgery department and help patients to look normal.

What is the workplace of a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist can work in a number of places, either they can work under someone or open up their own salon. Makeup artists are usually hired by public citizens for various special events like weddings and parties. Beauty conscious rich ladies have their personal makeup artist who works under them all the time.

Special effect makeup artists work backstage on a set of a play or movie and works to give different looks. Artists who work in film industries do makeup for celebrities and give them touch ups in between scenes.

They can be broadly classified under indoor and outdoor work environments:

Indoor environments:

these types of locations are situated inside any building which can be further

cramped or comfortable spaces depending on the scale, budget and other aspects of the work like wig room behind a stage in a theatre is usually a small space while makeup rooms in fashion studios are usually comfortable. In indoor environments, makeup artists have to work under different light settings where they should be aware of the effect of the light settings on the appearance of the subject. They need to analyze the lighting and adjust the persons look accordingly to get the required look. Some examples of Indoor environments are department stores, makeup manufacturers, Film or TV studios, theatres, photography studios, beauty salon , hotel rooms etc.

Outdoor environments:

these are spectacular or interesting locations selected for shooting or

performance outdoors. These outdoor locations can be in outdoor environments, makeup artists have to work under varied lighting as well as the different weather conditions. Since these are dynamic conditions, it becomes more challenging for the makeup artists to accurately evaluate the conditions beforehand and hence have to work actively at locations to achieve the desired look. Some examples of outdoor environments could be scouted locations for films, calendar shoots at beaches or other places, urban spaces, parks etc.

Knowledge area needed to be acquired:

  • Special Effects

  • Prosthetics

  • Theatrical

  • High Fashion

  • Air Brushing

  • Light Bending

  • High Definition

Skills and Abilities:

  • Interpersonal and Communication skills: communication skills of the makeup artist need to be good as it helps in clearly explaining the procedure and to get the specific information needed to give the perfect look to the client.

  • Knowledge of skin care: a makeup artist needs to have complete knowledge of all the beauty products available in the market and their use of different skin types.

  • Creativity and strong artistic sense: makeup artists need to work creatively to reach out to the clients' needs. Creative mind pays off in the film industries for sci-fi makeup.

  • Time management skill: a makeup artist has to be fast and punctual in their work as they have to work on numerous people at time and be perfect.

  • Self-motivated: self-motivation is needed in any work, self-motivation and dedication towards the work helps achieving success.


Central University of Jammu

1 course available

50+ seats

Total Fees - 8.6K

ISAS International Beauty School


3 courses available

Pearl Academy ,Rajouri Garden,


3 courses available

Total fees- 1 L to 4.93L

Pearl Academy, Mumbai

2 courses available

Total fees- 1.5L to 5.2L

JD Institute of Fashion Technology,

In Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi

2 Courses available

Lakme Academy,

In Mumbai, Delhi

5 courses available

Job Outlook:

The average salary of a makeup artist is almost 20 to 30K in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How to be a professional makeup artist ?

Studying or getting a course done from a nice and reputed institute can be the first step into being a professional artist. Your professionality is seen through your certificate with your artistic skills and knowledge.

Q) What is it like to be a makeup artist?

Being a makeup artist requires passion and dedication. It may seem like makeup and stuff is easy to handle but you need to be perfect in what you do as there is a lot of competition in the world. Owning a degree or a certificate doesn't make you a good makeup artist. You have to work hard and be motivated toward your future goal.

Q) Did I make a mistake by choosing to be a makeup artist?

No choice is wrong unless and until you are interested in doing what you chose. Parents and society might make you feel degraded sometimes but working out your passion is the best way to be you. Being a makeup artist has a lot of scope. You can work on your own or work under some organization, but it is never a mistake.

Q) How can I start my career as a makeup artist?

Getting a degree or certificate from a reputed institute is the first step, accurate knowledge and understanding of the concept and techniques can add up to your career. Starting from a small business in your place expanding it to larger will help in your career. Or joining some organization and working under the professionals count too.

Q) Which is the best career option: Fashion designing or Makeup artist?

Choosing a career option is your choice, it depends on your professional skills and attitude and interest which is to be considered before making a decision. Both fashion designing and makeup artists have the same amount of career options in India and salary depends upon your skill, thus making a right choice should be based on your interest.

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