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Career as a Fashion Choreographer

Who is a Fashion Choreographer?

A fashion choreographer works on the different elements of a fashion show, including music, pace, setting, lighting, posing and the way models move, in coordination with the fashion designer and stylists. They work on different aspects of appearance, such as hair designs, with the stylist and make up for authentic execution of the show's vision. They coach the models on several ramp walks and assist them in best exhibiting the designer's art. Often models are so filled with long and heavy attires, high heels and heavy accessories that walking, and also with style and grace, becomes a challenge that's next to impossible, here's where the art of fashion choreography comes in.They train models on how to walk with confidence and grace so as to accentuate the collection designed by the designer by not being too stiff or theatrical.


· Skills –

I. Creativity

II. Keen sense of form, style and colours.

III. Sensitive, receptive and at the same time objective to the subjects.

IV. Communications skills

V. They should be able to study all facets of style and the fabrics according to the designer’s demands.

VI. Observational skills

VII. Confidence

VIII. Good stamina

IX. Ability to deal with the pressure and deadlines work for odd and long hours.

X. A fashion choreographer must have an inherent sense of rhythm and fashion.

· Education –

The minimum eligibility criterion to pursue a career in Fashion Choreography is the successful completion of 10+2 in any discipline.Creative talent is the basic requirement to be in this field. There are no such specific courses to enter this field. One can make a start in this industry by helping a choreographer who is already developed in thisfield.However, if you want to gain perspective and you're interested in a career in fashion choreography, a bachelor's or master's degree in Fashion is likely to be very helpful.

Some of the preferable institutions are mentioned below:

1. Pearl Institute

Contact: 18001039091




Contact: 8697807202

Job outlook

o Opportunities:

This field forms a great option to feature on a platform which brings in a lot of fame. But it comes with experience yet has a lot of growth prospects. One can work under someone and gain experience before going solo.Fashion Choreography is indeed a fulfilling career that can fetch you great perks as you are sure of constant customers. If you’re skilled and interested then there are a lot of opportunities.

o Average income:

The salary package in this field varies in terms of skills and experience gained during the course of pursuance of the profession. With a good reputation one can command a high income. A well-established choreographer can demand while a beginner has to satisfy with what he gets. The starting salary of a fashion choreographerstarts from 5-6lakhs per annum. An experienced professional earns around 15-30lakhs per annum as per Indian charts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of fashion Choreography in India?

Ans.: Most civilians aren’t aware of fashion Choreography but the glamour industry can’t work without them. If you’re into fashion and you’ve the skills, you’ll do good.

What is the most important aspect of Fashion Choreography?

Ans.: Skills are really important in Fashion Choreographer. You need to be creative; you need to be aware of the current styles, you’ll have to understand the theme of the show and work accordingly.

Which city has the most Fashion Choreographer?

Ans.: As we know, Mumbai is the glamour hub of Bollywood, so Mumbai has most of the fashion Choreographers and growth.

How many years will it take to become successful in this sector?

Ans.: It’ll completely depend on your skills, interest and experience. The longer you work efficient, the more you meet new people and the more you grow.

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