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Career as a Chocolatier

Definition –

A chocolatier is an individual or company that produces chocolate confectionery. Achocolatier is able to impart their own uniqueness to each and every chocolate delight and it often takes them years and years to perfect the craft.

What do they do?

For a chocolatier, the duties include the correct handling of cocoa beans, chocolate tempering, chocolate moulding and chocolate storage. They create a variety of chocolate confections, such as chocolate truffles, bonbons, chocolate bars, chocolate-covered fruit, and more.Chocolatiers make candies and craft elaborate displays of chocolates. Those who go on to run their own chocolate companies must also have business savvy. Also referred to as food batch makers, these professionals often spend extended periods of time on their feet and sometimes deal with stressful working conditions.

Requirements –

There are various requirements for a Chocolatierthat they need to fulfil to pursue a careerforemost necessity is interest. The requirements are classified under three heads –


There are certain set of skills that are required to become a confectionery, like:

a. Critical thinking

b. Reading comprehension

c. Communication

d. Technical skills

e. A steady hand

f. Originality and creativity

g. Attention to Detail

h. Persistence

i. Stress Tolerance

j. Must be strong physically as well as mentally

k. Sense of aesthetics


Chocolatiers usually pursue this competitive profession out of craft love.There are no strict qualification guidelines but experience and perfection are the keys. But there are various institutions which helps aspirants professionally:

1. Chocolate Academy

Contact: +912240476603

2. Cocoa Cottage

Contact: +919082546550

3. 32 Degree Studio

Contact: +919022753232

4. Institute of Baking & Cake Art

Contact: +918088601601

5. Cook 'n' Bake

Contact: +9101145513385


Apart from interest,a chocolatier needs to possess knowledge about certain topics. Some of them are mentioned below:

i. Knowledge of the chemistry of chocolate flavours and textures.

ii. Knowledge of Tempering, dipping, decorating, and moulding.

iii. Knowledge Confectionery formulae based on ganache, sugar syrup, and fondant.

iv. Knowledge of Food Production.

v. Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods.

vi. Knowledge of Public Safety and Security.

Job outlook –


Chocolatiers may become self-employed entrepreneurs and team up with businesses, gift shops, florists, and bakeries to sell their products. One can also opt for a career in the chocolate confectionary industry as a chocolate tester.There are opportunities to work on cruise ships, world-renowned hotels, resorts and casinos within the hospitality industry.Others would go on to work for major chocolate manufacturers such as Nestle or Cadbury.Another good option which you can choose is to start a culinary school.

Average Income:

The starting salary of a Chocolatier starts with Rs.18,000 and it increases with the increasing experience. The annual income of a Chocolatier is around Rs.16,00,000.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are Chocolatiers and Chocolate makers different?

Ans.: Chocolate makers make chocolate from dried cacao beans using specific equipment such as a roaster, grinder, refiner mill, conch and tempering machine. Their finished product is pure chocolate – usually in bar form whereas Chocolatiers source and blend that pure chocolate, made by the chocolate maker(s), for specific properties and flavour profiles, and then use it to create recipes for their own unique bonbons, confections and bars.

Is the career of a Chocolatier tough?

Ans.: If you have the interest and skills required to become a chocolatier then it is not that tough. It actually becomes fun.

Are there Chocolatiers in India?

Ans.: Every other high-endrestaurant and Five-star hotels hire Chocolatiers in India. Although not many people know the actual term used for these employees.

Is there a lot of competition related to this career?

Ans.: Many people might not know about this career but there are actually a lot of talented aspirants looking for jobs in this career and many of them are entrepreneurs.

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Aditi Parakh
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