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Career As A Animal Trainer

Who are animal trainers?

Animal trainers are the people who train animals so that they are harmless, obedience. Animal training is a method or act or behaviour in which animal is trained in such a way that it responds to a particular stimulus in the taught way. They teach animals to behave a specific way to the stimuli presented. These are the people who trains a variety of animals for many reasons.

What does animal trainers do?

Animal trainers are working in different areas to train different animals-

  • They train zoo animals so that they do not misbehave and can live peacefully in the zoo

  • They rescue street dogs who have injured

  • Train some arrogant and harmful pets so that it does not harm the owner

  • They also train the dogs for police and military

  • Help people to ride on animals safely and easily

What is the workplace of animal trainers?

Trainers generally live with animals around them; they are with animals’ majority of the times. They seek and observe the behaviour of the animals and influence in a way that they act in the desired way. They talk or communicate with animals to make them familiar with the human nature and voices. Workplace of the trainers are generally simple with animals around with different kinds of smells and odour of animals.

Workplace of animal trainers include zoo, aquarium, circus, ground etc. They need to be very patient and communicate with the animal they are dealing with. For the water animals, trainers work in water bodies.

Knowledge Areas

These people should have a strong knowledge of animal behaviour and the ability to understand their acts and actions. They should have an experience in dealing with the animals. Trainers should have the knowledge about the reinforcement. When and where the reinforcement must be given and which type of reinforcement is to be given.


  • Interpersonal skills- Trainers has to interact with the owners in addition to teaching the behaviours and actions to the animal. So, a person with great interpersonal skills is must as that he can build a good relationship with the owner

  • Problem Solving- The trainee should have a good problem-solving skill so that whenever a problem comes the trainer is ready

  • Physical Stamina- Since the trainer involves the physical work with the animal, he/she should have high physical stamina and the ability to do workout

  • Monitoring- The trainers should have good observational skills and the ability to monitor animal’s behaviour

  • Instructing- The trainers have to instruct the owners about the way they should behave with their pets. They not only train the animals but also instruct the owners

  • Swimming- For people working with aquatic life need to know how to swim as well as scuba driving


  • Ability to swim and scuba driving

  • Ability to communicate well

  • Ability to work for a long period of time

  • Ability to work in extreme conditions


· Dependability

· Integrity

· Attention to Detail

· Self-Control

· Independence

· Cooperation

· Practical Knowledge

· Extrovert

· Genuine

· stable

· Mechanical

· Investigative

· Persistent

· Intellectual

· Introspective

Education required

Minimum qualification required is the 12th pass, with diploma in GED, while some people also do graduation and then the diploma. No formal education is must, but training and experience is important. For some types of animal training like for marine trainers graduation in zoology, biology etc in compulsory.

Job Outlook

Animal training is one of the emerging field which has a good scope in the near future and people tend to experience more need of such people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the colleges in abroad that provide such type of courses?

  • Lake Land College, Illinois

  • Bergin college of Canine studies, California

  • Becker College, Massachusetts

  • Stanford University, California

  • Harvard University, Massachusetts

2. What is the salary status of this course?

In India, the average salary for a Dog Trainer is ₹ 11,594 per month.


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