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Career as an Administrative Assistant

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants provide support to managers, other employees, and office visitors by handling a variety of tasks in order to ensure that all interactions between the organization and others are positive and productive. These professionals may also be referred to as Administrative Coordinators or Administrative Specialists.

What do they do?

Administrative Assistant responsibilities include making travel and meeting arrangements, preparing reports and maintaining appropriate filing systems. The ideal candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to organize their work using tools, like MS Excel and office equipment. If you also have previous experience as a Secretary or Executive administrative assistant and familiarity within our industry, we’d like to meet you.


l Proven experience as an administrative assistant, virtual assistant or office admin assistant

l Knowledge of office management systems and procedures

l Working knowledge of office equipment, like printers and fax machines

l Proficiency in MS Office (MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, in particular)

l Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work

l Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

l Excellent written and verbal communication skills

l Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task

l High School degree; additional qualification as an Administrative assistant or Secretary will be a plus.

List of preferable institutions

Contact Information

Admn. Block, JNU (Old) Campus,

New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi - 110 067,

Phone: 011-26164182, 011-26104183

Fax: (91) 011 6104183


All India institute of management studies (AIIMAS)-Chennai

Central India Institute of Management Studies (CIIMS) - Maharashtra

Institute of Technology and Management - Chennai

Dr. NGP Arts and Science College – Tamil Nadu


1. Adept in Technology

Having the technological skills necessary to perform data entry, manage team calendars, and create company reports are highly sought-after admin skills in assistants. It’s important to be familiar with Microsoft Office software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. It’s also not uncommon for admin assistants to help input data into a customer relationship management (CRM) system, customer service platform, or virtual help desk. This means you need to have a thorough understanding of computer software, browsers, and operating systems in order to perform the job.

2. Verbal & Written Communication

One of the most important administrative skills you can exhibit as an admin assistant are your communication abilities. The company needs to know they can trust you to be the face and voice of other employees and even the company. This includes handling incoming correspondence from customers, suppliers, or partners in a timely and professional manner. In addition, it’s important admin assistants or clerks have a friendly and positive attitude when they interact with customers, guests, and other employees.

3. Organization

Not only are strong organization skills needed to keep yourself organized as an administrative assistant, they are also needed so you can keep the whole office organized as well. This includes organizing team schedules, events, and files with a system that makes sense for everyone. This ensures that your fellow team members in the organization can easily follow your filing systems without misplacing items.

4. Time Management

Because admin assistants are a resource for the whole company, it can feel like your time is stretched across several departments. To make sure your time is properly allocated and planned, it’s crucial that you have good time management. Otherwise, you will potentially stretch yourself too thin. To be the best resource for your team, you need to accurately plan your tasks and the time they will take.

5. Strategic Planning

Similar to time management, admin assistants need the skill of being able to plan strategically. This means prioritizing your tasks in order of importance or planning out processes for the entire office to follow. Planning skills also come into play when arranging employee and executive calendars when unexpected cancellations or changes arise.

6. Resourcefulness

If you already have experience working as an administrative professional, you already know that you need to be able to adapt. In business, things can change at a rapid pace and you need to be able to adapt quickly to get the job done and assist your teammates. To do this, admins need to be resourceful in getting their tasks done through multi-tasking and creative thinking skills. This is especially important when your boss is unavailable during a crisis—as an assistant you need to be resourceful in exploring other avenues to reach a solution.

7. Detail-Oriented

In handling sensitive client or partner communications, assistants need to be detail-oriented to catch potential typos and grammatical errors. Furthermore, having an eye for detail helps with data entry tasks and reporting to ensure that your work is accurate and trustworthy. Missing small details in a report or memo leaves a less than stellar impression on the recipient and leaves room for further mistakes.

8. Anticipates Needs

The difference between a good assistant and a great assistant is their ability to anticipate needs and complete important tasks without needing to be asked. An amazing assistant will take initiative to support the business instead of waiting around for approval or direction. Think the company contact list is out of date? Update it to show your bosses that you can take care of the business without needing constant supervision.


  • Clerical: General office work such as filling and storing information.

  • English Language: The meaning and use of the English language.

  • Customer and Personal Service: Providing special services to customers based on their needs.

  • Computers and Electronics: Computer hardware and software.

  • Administration and Management: How to run a business or group.

Job outlook

Average Administrative Assistant Salary in India

₹ 295,910

Avg. Salary Show Hourly Rate

₹ 19,665


₹ 18,000


₹ 20,119


What am I worth?

Get pay report

How should I pay?

Price a job

The average salary for an Administrative Assistant in India is ₹295,910.

Average income

The national average salary for an Administrative Assistant is ₹4,09,432 in India. Filter by location to see Administrative Assistant salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 117 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Administrative Assistant employees.

Salaries for Related Job Titles

Admin Assistant

₹ 19,000

Human Resources Administrative Assistant

₹ 23,000


₹ 15,000

Administrative Coordinator

₹ 25,000

Business Administrator

₹ 21,000

Frequently asked questions

1. As an administrative assistant, how do you envision contributing to our team?

Administrative assistants do not have a small role by any means. Show employers that you can make a big impact by sharing the ways you expect to contribute to or support their success.

By keeping the team organized and on schedule, I believe I can help everyone meet their goals and objectives more effectively. Plus, by taking administrative work off of their plates, they can use their time more efficiently and increase their productivity at work.

2. What’s the best project you’ve worked on as an administrative assistant? Why did you like it?

To gain an idea of the work you’ve completed in the past as an administrative assistant, but also see what kind of work you enjoy, interviewers will often ask you to share specific examples of your work history. If this question or a similar one comes up, walk them through a project you worked on, why it was important, and why you enjoyed it.

Our marketing team needed help with executing their social media plan to attract and engage customers. I enjoyed helping schedule and write the messages as it exposed me to a new area of business — marketing. It also allowed me to exercise my attention to detail and communication skills, which impressed my teammates.

3. How do you feel the administrative assistant role has changed or will change in the future?

Indicate to employers that you can see the bigger picture and anticipate changes. Then, show them that you can and already have adapted to that change through your skillset or work history.

While some think that administrative assistants will be replaced by technology, I would actually argue that they will be enhanced by technology. Technology on its own can’t accomplish everything, the people behind it are what make it effective. If administrative assistants can adapt to new technological advancements it will only help them better support their teammates and executives. That’s why I focused on developing my Microsoft Outlook and Excel skills in past positions.

4. In your opinion, what are the most important skills that a good administrative assistant should have?

This question is a great opportunity to map your own strengths to the requirements listed in the job description. Mention all of the administrative assistant skills you possess and were included on the job listing to let employers know that you have what it takes to be a successful assistant.

First and foremost, I believe a good administrative assistant needs to be organized if they want to help coordinate the team. In addition, they need to have great time management skills to help with scheduling meetings and staying on task. Personally, I feel computer skills and communication also help with those tasks. Because I have these skills, I feel I would make a successful assistant here.

5. Have you ever had to juggle multiple supervisors as an administrative assistant? If so, how did you handle it?

Administrative assistants don’t always have just one boss or supervisor. Often times, administrative assistants need to support multiple executives or team leaders that are each in superior positions. It’s important that administrative assistants can handle direction from multiple parties without sacrificing productivity.

Yes, I have. I was the executive assistant for three members of our executive team. To keep up with delegated tasks and give each executive ample support, I dedicated portions of my workday to each person. This ensured that each executive felt cared for every day. However, if a priority task did come up, I would address it promptly so deadlines were met.

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